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  1. I don't know anything
    Don't limit your thinking to dogma's and the conventional thinking. Judge yourself if other people's opinion is a valuable experience to learn from or simply a view limited by his/her own experience. Quotes directly from Paul:

    If you believe yourself to be a rational person, then you're in the trap.

    Things didn't work in the past doesn't mean it won't work in the future. Likewise, what worked before may not work again.

  2. Kill all daemon process
    Computers run faster after restart (because the elimination of long running daemon processes in the background), so does human mind. Purposely creating silent moments everyday to eliminate the voices of "doubt, anger and others' opinions" that drag down our spirite.

  3. Yes, and thank you.
    When dealing with setbacks, either setbacks from life or negative feedbacks from others, say "Yes, and thank you." It maintains the "forward flow of life". (Don't be stalled for long)

  4. Choose the more interesting path
    This resonates with "The joy is in creating, not maintaining". For things that you can already see the outcome is not interesting. For things that are completely random is not interesting. Interesting things have to be genuinely interesting to you and by doing it you can discover something new.

  5. Love what you do
    Real work usually comes with unpleasant or dull moments. Love what you do allows you to sustain and work with them.

  6. Maintain a healthy disregard for the impossible
    Encourage feel thinking and doing the impossible.

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